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- Sneha. B, Copywriter with Iaculus.


Humans love attention, they love to be heard, to be cared for, to be prioritised.


If you want your audience to be invested in your brand, you’ve to address them, there’s no better way to do it. ​ You have to communicate with your audience if you want your message to stand out and matter to them.

‘You’ is a powerful trigger, it is specific, involving and creates one on one conversation.

Let's look at L'Oréal Paris, for example,

Because You're Worth It.

has proven to be timeless, written during a social revolution in 1973, and women recognize and respond to it positively all over the world. They are only talking about you, your hair, and that it deserves to be treated right, and that we will provide you with that service because you are worth it!


But it doesn't always need to be said. Sometimes ‘You’ can be implied, for example,


Just Do It.

They are communicating with you, without saying or using ‘You’. The most famous copywriters from John Caples to Dan Kennedy used it in their headlines because it works. Not just in headlines, but in web copies, in email subject lines, in your branding, in every form of communication visual or verbal, you should focus on the customer, on their needs, on communicating with them.


Wherever you can. People don’t care about what you do, your product or service, they only care about themselves. They care about why you do it, and how it affects and benefits them. ​


"The more they see and feel like you are talking to them, aiding them, the more
it’s going to help you.

Amazon isn't only about an online store for all sorts of products, it's about providing instant gratification to you, their users. They pick and recommend products as per your desires, they have offers and packages tailored for you, it's all about you and your interests. ​

Fun fact, You was used 32 times in this article, including this line.


“We care about
that's why
we are here!

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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