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- Arcui Usoara, Founder of Iaculus.


Try this for a change if you haven't been doing it already.

"Paints, brushes,


Try to visualise them, now try to visualise the following sentence.

"I got the paints ready, took the canvas and

with my brush made my first stroke"

This was First person Visualizing.

Image by Daniil Kuželev



Now give this a try,

"A brand is a story, one that can and should be shared with the world. It is
what makes the company a living breathing thing!


This is being spoken to us, try visualising that.


It will be visualised mostly as someone, a figure saying this to us, as a speech or
a conversation. ​

Identify and Visualise,

it helps us not only

read better, but even

write better.

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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