- Arcui Usoara, Founder of Iaculus.





I love having conversation or listenting to conversation of wise and phliophical people. I remember when I had started out, I was so fed up with jargon, that
I provided value through content, I made sure it on point, no beating
around the bush. Just value... with ofcourse
an explanation or else it wouldn't
have made any sense.

But that's not enough!

It can be valuable, but it should intrigue your audience.

For you to do that, you need to tell the tale that leads to the conclusion.

One thing I can tell you...

"The best way to provide value is, to provide it after telling a short story as to how you got there."


Image by Nong Vang

“People like to listen

and they love stories.

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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