- Case Study by Iaculus.


Rejuvenate Your Day,
with Seraph Essence.






This is for those hard workers, the hustlers, those unnecessary stress takers, those who just like to relax, have a good time, and take a long good rest, need something to set the mood?

Seraph is at your assistance with handcrafted essential oils and candles.


To make an identity and packaging for the brand that conveys its
mystical culture in the simplest form.


Just what was promised, A mark that can be embossed and embarked on all their products, that conveys not only the relaxing impact, from the candles and essence, but is aesthetically pleasing.

|Project Deliverables

  • Brand Strategy.

  • Identity Design.

  • Package Design.

  • Messaging.

Creating brands that
connect and express
your best self!

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