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- Madhurima, SMM with Iaculus.


When we tell you that restaurants can earn more by selling less,

we are not joking.


Not even in the slightest.


But before we dive into it, let us clarify what we mean a bit more.

By selling less, we don’t mean to decrease the quantity of the products that you sell and to prize it really high.

We are asking you to specialize!

Don’t cringe now.


We know it doesn’t make sense right off the bat, but hear us out.


One of the major challenges that restaurants face after opening up is the wide range of products that they include on their menu! I have seen some restaurants add way too many food items and end up spoiling good food over time.

So stop! Think.

Image by Prateek Katyal



What are you good at?
Pick a cuisine.
Become an expert.
And sell less.
While earning more.


People will always be happy to pay more for good quality food that tastes the same irrespective of when they visit the restaurant outlet.

“Less is more, but you
need to invest more in
the "less" service."

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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