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Errol Gerson is a wise, philosophical and an extremely generous man! He also happens to be a master of sales, business and management.


His wisdom knows no bounds with 50 years of teaching experience. Errol is the longest-running instructor at ArtCenter and a Senior Adviser to the A.I.G.A.


His goal in life is to teach and to share his knowledge with everyone in need of it.

So what's the

Here, let the man behind the show

tell you all about it.

What will the



All participants will get an invite to join

Errol on an exciting and valuable journey

for 2 days.

The event is a 2 parter. It will be for 2
non-consecutive days.


Here's a list of takeaways, that YOU will receive by being a part of the Pro-Seminar.

Day 1. October 28th
11 am - 1:30 pm 

Pure Business Analysis - 2 hours.

• Learn how to run a profitable business.

• Understand topics such as Break even and overhead.

• Learn how to manage your business financially.

Day 2. November 2nd
11 am - 2:30 pm

Contagious Selling - 2 hours.

• Learn how to attract people to your business.

• Learn how to get more customers.

QnA - 1 hour.

• Errol will answer your questions that are personal

to your needs and situation, and help you find the
answer to your problems.

A preview of the
Value you will get!

How much
do you need
to invest?


Generally? A seminar like this with Errol Gerson would cost $2500 a person.


However, we understand that this pandemic has hit creative business owners hard.

Our main goal with the pro-seminar is to uplift creatives who want to create a positive change to their business at the most affordable rate.

Which is why, we bring you, Pro-Seminar with Errol Gerson, at an exclusive rate of $475! 

"The most important thing for me

is to help young designers to thrive and grow and learn from my 50 years of teaching and consulting!"


- Errol Gerson

Read these Terms and Conditions before registering.

Ready to learn?

Errol is waiting for you!

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