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Why Seed Funding Should Fuel Awareness, Community, Over Development.

Funding Distribution Insights by Iaculus, global Brand strategy consultancy

Hey there, visionary entrepreneur! So, you've hit the funding jackpot, and your pockets are singing the cha-ching melody. Congratulations are in order – but before you dive headfirst into coding that next-gen product, let's take a moment to rethink the traditional startup playbook.

Picture this: You're standing at a crossroads, and on one path lies the alluring world of development – the rush of bringing your brainchild to life. But wait, before you go down that rabbit hole, let's detour onto a path less travelled, one that could make all the difference – building your brand before you touch a single line of code.

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Why Brand Before Code?

CPO and Branding Insights by Iaculus, global Brand strategy consultancy

You see, my entrepreneurial friend, the allure of coding is undeniable. It's tangible, it's measurable, and it feels like progress. But, and this is a big but, if you build it now, will they come later? That's the million-dollar question.

Before you spend those hard-earned funds on development, consider this: brand awareness is your launchpad. It's your ticket to creating a buzz, sparking conversations, and carving out a dedicated space in your users' minds.

When you start with brand awareness, you're not just promoting a product – you're nurturing a community. You're telling a story that resonates with your audience, a story that evolves into a relationship built on trust and shared values. And trust me, this is the kind of relationship that transcends a mere transaction.

Do you struggle to find product market fit?

  • Yes. Let's talk?

  • We did initially.

  • No.

The Pivot Potential.

Community Led Growth and Product Market Fit Insights by Iaculus, global Brand strategy consultancy

Ah, the pivot – the magical maneuver that separates the dabblers from the disruptors. When you're community-led, pivoting becomes a symphony, not a scramble. You're plugged into your users' needs, aspirations, and pain points. You can shift your sails with precision, confident that your community will sail with you.

Think about it: instead of rehashing a product that misses the mark, you're crafting a solution tailored to your community's desires. That's pivot potential in its most potent form.

What Percentage Of Your Resources Are Spent On Branding?

  • Less than 5

  • 5 - 10

  • 10 - 15

  • 15 - 20

Reducing Cash Burn, Amplifying Impact.

How to reduce cash burn Insights by Iaculus, global Brand strategy consultancy

Now, let's talk finances – the lifeblood of any startup. By investing in brand awareness and community-building, you're strategically allocating resources. You're not just burning through cash; you're igniting a sustainable flame.

Think about it as planting seeds. As your brand awareness grows, so does your user base. That user base becomes your sounding board, your validation, and eventually, your revenue stream. It's a loop that feeds on itself, reducing cash burn and amplifying impact.

How Much Cash Do You Have To Burn To Get 100,000 Users?

  • 500,000

  • 500,000 - 1,000,000

  • 1,000,000 - 5,000,000

  • More, Lets talk.

Case in Point: The Power of Brand-First

Strategic Branding Insights by Iaculus, global Brand strategy consultancy

Consider the tale of a startup that decided to flip the script. Instead of immediately diving into development, they focused on storytelling, engaging content, and cultivating a community that resonated with their values. Fast forward a few months – their user base had transformed into a fervent fan club.

When they eventually released their product, the reception was nothing short of spectacular. Their community – now an army of brand ambassadors – rallied around the launch, propelling the startup into the spotlight. And guess what? The startup had a deeper understanding of their users' needs, enabling them to pivot with precision when necessary.

The Takeaway.

Product Led Growth and Branding Insights by Iaculus, global Brand strategy consultancy

So, before you rush to wield the developer's wand, pause and consider the magic of building a brand before code. It's more than a strategy; it's an investment in awareness, community, and pivot potential.

Remember, success isn't just about a product; it's about the story you tell, the community you nurture, and the agility you wield. So, why wait? Fuel your brand's fire, empower your community, and let the pivot potential take your startup to new heights. It's not just about code; it's about crafting a legacy that resonates far beyond the screen.


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