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What It Takes To Run A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?

Brands that Gravitates - Iaculus, global brand strategy and strategic branding consultancy

Crowdfunding is a great way to not just bootstrap your investments but also build brand awareness and initiate community-led growth and various growth loops to retain customers before the launch.

Last week, my friends at Work Louder crossed their crowdfunding goal in 30 Seconds. Yes! Mindblowing! Check them out!

But it isn’t as easy as just launching a campaign, neither is it as expensive as paying millions in ads. Many businesses fail, invest too much and don’t know how to tap into it properly.

If you want to run a successful crowdfunding camping, this is for you.

Brand Activation.

Authentic Branding - Iaculus, global brand strategy and strategic branding consultancy

Great crowdfunding camping starts months before you even go live on Kickstarter.

The entire concept of crowdfunding is to activate our community of users who are invested in us and our series of products/services and want to help us build that business up. We can’t expect them to just show up the day we launch out of thin air.

So to create a crowdfunding campaign that will support you for the run but will also bring you an audience that always shows up and buys from you, you need to start months before you are ready to launch. You need to be active in your community, invest in brand awareness, and marketing, show up, talk about what you are doing and create content around it that will gravitate the right users and will also educate them about your services and things to come.

Build Publicly, Build Brand Awareness.

Unique Brands - Iaculus, global brand strategy and strategic branding consultancy

When you get the idea to launch a new product series, announce it, and be as public about it as you can with your community to the extent where you can educate your people about what you are doing when you are working on it, updates and what not as long as it doesn't under any compromising content.

This way people are excited to see what's going on and they feel like they are a part of the journey and are driven to support you. So find your best medium to express and connect with your audience and invest in that awareness.

The more you invest in building your brand awareness the less you have to invest in marketing and ad campaign, a unique brand experience, identity, culture and story helps you tap into your user mindset more easily, and create familiarity, and hooks, through which brands can activate, retain and acquire customers for their goals and the impact they want to create through their products and campaigns down the line.

The more you, you are, the more they will want to be with you.

Build With Your Community, Not Just For Them.

Brands that Disrupt the Market - Iaculus, global brand strategy and strategic branding consultancy

Being community-led is another crucial aspect of growing your business going forward and also running a successful crowdfunding camping.

When you can take your audience away from social media, and create a safe space where you can not just connect with them better but build with them, see what they need, iterate and create as per their needs, take their feedback, ask for advice, seek solutions, understand their struggles and use cases, you get to build a product that will cater to their needs that they can’t wait to have arrived or be real.

This also leads to an increase in trust, active marketing, loyalty cultivation and increase in user retention as any and everything in regards to your industry and product category, you will become the centre of attention for your audience.

Is Your Business Community-Led?

  • Yes!

  • Not yet, Can You Help Me?

  • Will Be Now!

  • No.

This with proper community and product development coming together can help you build an audience that is eager to support you and invest in YOU.

Ending Notes

While a lot of effort are needed to run a successful crowdfunding camping, being community-led, building with your community in public, building brand awareness and activating your authentic brand can help you save a lot of your investment and run not just a successful crowdfunding camping, but initiate various loops for product-led growth.


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