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Making a Point isn't Enough! There's a Reason We Tell Stories!

Updated: Mar 6

“…the moral of the story is…”

There is a reason that line comes at the near end of it all.

Humans, while wanting to be effective, efficient and all the synonyms that might follow, don’t always learn if a point is made upfront.

It’s either hard to interpret its true meaning or the impact just isn’t enough. This ranges from childhood bedtime stories to confessing your feelings to someone.

Storytelling is a crucial part of conveying a message. Especially when you are a business trying to spread awareness amongst your audience. Just spreading the word that you sell coffee doesn’t cut it. You need to solve a problem for your users, “We sell the energy to make sure you stay active after a busy day”.

Convey your purpose, your “Why you do” not just your “What you do”… that comes later.

But not everyone has the time to ideally sit and read your article on conveying a message.

Many factors play in.

  • Lack of time.

  • Lack of interest.

  • Not knowing if they actually need to read this.

  • No hook.

  • And lack of attention span.

Over the years, we have successfully managed to get our attention span to less than that of a goldfish.

Hats off to that. But in all seriousness, the attention span of a human being has come down from 10 seconds to 8 seconds, and it is most likely not going to settle at 8 either.

If we try to work on increasing that, it’s going to take a while.

As a business, it is better to just work with that. Within those few seconds, hook your audience, create that interest, so that they take the time to read your article.

They should find it helpful and before they find it, they should believe that it is helpful. You might think you have 10 seconds to make an impression, but you truly only have 2–3 seconds.

Here’s why it takes 7 seconds for someone to make an impression of you and your brand… and thanks to being conditioned by Youtube we have the tendency to skip ads in 5 seconds, as we get bored by the first 4. So, in turn, we actually just have the first 2–3 seconds to make an impression, video or no video. In those initial 2–3 seconds, we need to convey that belief. 58% of communication occurs through visual interpretation and reading a bold statement.

So when trying to convey a message, start bold make a partial statement from your message, with a hook, follow with a story, end with the full message. Can’t do it on your own? Hire someone who can do it for you. Convey a proper, valuable message to your audience, they will market it for you.

“Branding is the word, that spreads the gospel, through Marketing.”

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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