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- Sneha B, Copywriter with Iaculus.





Never. Mention. Your. Competition!


Why? Because by mentioning them you’re promoting them to your audience at no charge. I mean your audience might not have even heard of your competitor, but now, because of you, they know that there is someone else out there who is providing something similar to you.


When you’re talking with your audience or market, you already have limited space on the screen to grab their attention and to provoke a response, you need to be effective and efficient about your services impacting their problems. This is no place to be a sales rep for anybody but yourself You have heard us say this before…


"Humans have a very short span of attention, less than 8 seconds."


It’s hard enough for them to remember the company’s name and mentioning your competition will just come in the way of things. By mentioning your competition, first, you’re promoting them, second, you’re giving your audience a choice and making them question if they should be considering this other brand and finally you’re making your message


“Brand A vs Brand B” Argument.

We know how expensive branding is, do you really want to waste your time, effort and resources by mentioning your competitor. We didn’t think so.

Image by Tim Marshall

Here’s how you convince your client that you’re right for the task. Ask them questions, listen to them, care about solving their problems instead of showing off, because believe me caring for them and their problems are the best way you can is all the showing off you’ll need.
Be empathetic towards your clients, they already have a lot on their plate, they certainly don’t have the time to go through an all you can eat buffet of different service providers. Just give them what they crave. ​


Make it a "Client and
You Together vs The Problem" conversation.

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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