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- Arcui Usoara, Founder of Iaculus.




The holiday season is right around the corner.


I’m sure everyone has their wish list ready, some of you might have a Gucci bag
on the list and some might have Swiss Miss hot chocolate, like me.


When the season starts all the brands on our wishlist are going to make huge profits, their sales will go off the charts not only because they are on your list or mine but because they’re on a lot of peoples lists. The reason behind this is because of the awareness they created throughout the years.


You see, every business has 3 periods throughout the year - Dormancy, Passivity and High activity.


  1. Dormancy is when a business doesn’t get any sales, pretty much an inactive period.

  2. Passivity is when they’re getting ready for their real business season to start.

  3. High Activity is when their business is in need and demand.


But branding doesn’t work that way, you don’t have the luxury to choose when to only create awareness, it doesn’t have cycles or periods.


If you think you’ll only create awareness about your brand when the time comes.

Trust me no matter how creative you get or how many ads you place out there. It. Won't. Be. Enough.


It’s a 365-day process of creating awareness and making an impact on your customers so that when the time comes they choose you and only you.


If the brands on your shopping list didn’t create awareness about their products throughout the year they wouldn’t have been on your wishlist to make those amazing sales.

And we wouldn’t have enjoyed such delights since we wouldn’t be aware of them.

Image by Kieran White


"It might as well be a world without them if you
don’t know about them.

Imagine a world without Swiss Miss hot chocolate.


Woah, Haunting! Let's not talk about that.

Well, I don’t know about you all but right now my cravings for the Swiss hot Chocolate is making my mouth water.

“Prioritise brand

awareness for the

sales you crave.

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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