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- Arcui Usoara, Founder of Iaculus.




Brand Strategy, it's really crucial, it's insightful and helpful, and because it holds so much value, a lot of people claim the title and the capabilities that come with it without actually building up to it.

You see "Brand strategy" isn't a Hard skill!
It's a Mindset, an ever-changing one. 

You can't learn it like you learn how to ride a bike. To be a brand strategist, you need to have an open-dynamic mind too.

But following a framework doesn't make you a strategist, and claiming the title of a strategist won't make you one either. You are the one who comes up with the strategies at the end of the day. The tools, tips, tricks, processes are of no use if you can't think like a strategist, and if you can't grow and adapt like one.

To do so, you need to acknowledge that while Brand Strategy is a mindest to have, the frameworks that most use, are just tools. Tools that are needed but not the only thing needed either. 

The frameworks don't make you a strategist, depending solely on them, doesn't make you a strategist and claiming the title of a strategist because you learnt a framework or a tool is you doing injustice to yourself and your clients! 

Image by Steve Johnson



To put in reference, you won't put in your resume that you are a "Philips head screwdriver!", would you now? It's a tool!

A brand strategist, is someone with a strategic mind, who uses tools and techniques but doesn't just depend on them.


That's why they get paid to think!

"Strategy is dynamic, ever-changing. A strategist needs to be open to it!"

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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