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- Snehankitha Badda, Copywriter with Iaculus.

I once came across a commercial, a guy gets stranded in the forest, on the way he encounters a bear and starts running to get away from it but the bear still follows him.


He climbs a tree to get away from it but the bear also stays near the tree hoping that he gets down. 


He throws a banana for the bear hoping it goes away, but it turns out banana is not the bear’s favourite fruit.


The guy says okay, you are going to stay here, but I’m also not getting down either.


He starts watching movies on his phone, talks with his friends, tries ordering pizza at night, he uses every app on his phone.


Finally, on the second day, the bear gets fed up and leaves the guy to find some other food.


This was an ad made by Lenovo for their phone Lenovo P70


Let me guess what you got from this ads storyline, an amazing phone with long-lasting battery life and that, that bear had a lot of patience, just not longer than some battery life.


Here’s the thing, first be clear then be catchy


Complex catchy phrases are the same as complex terminologies, not everyone is going to understand it, and if they don't it's pointless.


Being clear on one thing with a good story to explain it, is better than being clever with something that might confuse your audience.


Don’t overcrowd your message. Otherwise, it's

too much to digest.


Stick to one benefit, not a lot. A story for each benefit.


Sure your customers will get that your phone has a lot of things, but a good story to explain each will make them relate and love it, and you don't want to make it a complex story, keep it short and simple, to one point so that your customers get that point.


Whatever the message might be if you want your customers to understand, make it simple for them.

“Prioritize clarity

over wordplay.

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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