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- Arcui Usoara, Founder of Iaculus.





Having case studies to showcase your capabilities and value, helps a lot while positioning yourself, not just in the creative field, but in any industry. Case studies, help set an example.

But when you are a creative starting out, it’s hard to get clients, and even if you make mock clients just to have some work it sometimes positions you badly, your potential client might think of you as a fake, a con.


So what do you do? Work on yourself, and your brand. A brand doesn’t necessarily mean, a firm with employees and thousands of dollars in revenue. Even as a freelancer or a small agency, or a student starting out. You are a brand, the moment you put yourself out there, you are positioning yourself as more than what you are, your work doesn’t define you, but it sets a mark.


Let’s put it like this.

No one will buy something from

you if you won’t buy it yourself

Does that make sense? No? Well, here's what it means, if you are a

branding agency but lack branding yourself, what is to guarantee to

your clients, that you will be able to deliver it for your clients? Especially

for your fantasy clients.

Suits aren’t the only thing that makes you
a gentleman, your manners, tone, behaviour
and body language add to it!

So when you want to be seen as an expert for branding, you have branding done for yourself. You want to be a professional tailor, you wear great suits and surround yourself with the right things.


You do that, and people, your audience will ask you, “could you do that for me?” Brand yourself, and your services, get known and wanted for it.


They will market themselves.


So back to the initial message, once you do have branding done on yourself, - and believe me it’s going to be way harder to do it for yourself than for any other client, you are your toughest client - you will have a case study to showcase, you as your client, a story that you can say better than anyone else, and work that speaks value, that your clients and believe and trust.


In their eyes, you aren’t someone with no work, you are someone who is

constantly looking to improve themselves.


Two birds with one stone, self-improvement and work to showcase.

“Say what you

mean, mean

what you say”

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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