- Madhurima Sappatti, SMM at Iaculus.

Learn to say no!


Imagine that you are the owner of a vegan

bakery during its off-season and are being asked

the following questions -

“Could you bake us a cake but with eggs in it?”

“Do you make bacon cupcakes?”

“We would love to eat the chocolate chip cookies, but please don’t make it vegan.”


If for the sake of earning money, you turn into a

yes man and agree on baking the above items,

you will destroy your delicately crafted niche.

You cannot and should not serve everyone.

In today’s age, it is really important to specialize

and be the best at what you are. You can always

provide the customers with samples of vegan

alternatives, and if they still do not wish to change

their request… you can say no.

Take pride in what you do, specialize, create a niche

that is unique to you, and go crazy!

Believe me, there are many out there waiting

to swim into unknown waters…


All they need is you!

“Don't shy away

from your niches

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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