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Healthy As A Monster

The Swiss Breed

Branding Case Study By Iaculus.



Brand Strategy, Branding, Packaging Design, Messaging, Design Systems, Awareness Strategy, and more.

The Swiss Breed, are a small olive farm from Switzerland that want to leave a legacy behind and disrupt the market in a captivating manner.

The Story

The Swiss breed weren't like regular brands, they didn't want to convey they were healthy and make it boring.

They were tired of seeing it and didn't want to do the same for themselves.

Image by Roberta Sorge

Well, it's a good thing they met me... because guess who has 2 thumbs and knew that Frankenstein is from Swiss too, and is soooo healthy? Yours Truly, This Guy!

To make healthy fun and exciting for the
first time in a long time.

The Swiss Breed Olive Oil.jpg

That Was The Goal.

To convey the amazing sense of olive oil and Switzerland, with an unexpected twist to make it relatable, retainable and interactable with the audience.

Our Solution

Frankenstein! A logo that catches your eye and represents the company. ​ Branding that makes them stand out, not blend in.
A packaging that expresses
the brand further and makes the product... Intractable and worth exploring!

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

Our Strategy was quite simple and to the point. Iaculus focused on portraying the aspects and benefits of Olive Oil that we all love in an unconventional and unexpected manner to the global audience. With both the product and the reliability of it.

The Swiss Breed Olive Oil.jpg

86% of the Users Found the Product intriguing right away!
The Rest Purchased and Engaged with Bottles even before knowing what it was, making them love the story, the messaging and curious about the product's quality.

The Swiss Breed Green Olives.jpg

Working With Arcui was the best decision we ever made as just 2 hours into the meeting he changed the whole dynamic of it all.

The Swiss Breed Team

Founders and Family

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus
The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

Deliverables in Detail.

Brand Strategy, User Research, Design Thinking, Stylescaping, Strategic Branding, Communication Strategy, A/B Testing, Logo Design, Brand Identity, Design Systems, Messaging, Copywriting, Tag Line Design, Brand Voice Map, Package Design, Label Design, Product Market Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Growth Loop, Go To Market Strategy.

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