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Let Your Reputation Precede You!

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Content Writing Case Study By Iaculus.



Content Strategy, Copywriting, SEO, Messaging, Awareness and Community Strategy, and more.

Rivista is dedicated to help independent professionals and freelancers be seen for their work and their worth, help them be discovered with their social proof and proof of work!

Our Story

Every amazing professional deserves to be seen for their authenticity and impact and when there is a product that helps does that, its story needs to be conveyed to its users and help build awareness.

Image by Roberta Sorge

That's where Iaculus came in and joined forces with Rivista. Our words are our power and we used it to help others grow, be seen through Rivista.

To help freelancers build their credibility and be seen for their impact!

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That Was Our Goal!

We create content that brought about awareness with solution and impact driven content around social proof that targeted various freelancers.

That's What We Did.

We created emotionally and impact driven content that targeted various freelancers, content creators and professionals and their various pain points that could be permanently solved through Rivista and actionable tips.

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

Our Strategy was to create in need and relatable content that had in detailed tips for freelancers and professionals to grow and at through out the content we presented Rivista as the hero and solution, placing Rivista as the solution they needed to grow and thrive, as we got the content, the community and the tool.

The Swiss Breed Olive Oil.jpg

With SEO driven content, an amazing community set up to help freelancers and a beyond brilliant product Rivista had a great soft start with concise and constantly engaging users who relied upon rivista and it's community slowly but then daily!

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Arcui was there with us even it wasn't expected off of him!

Abhishek Dutta

Co-Founder and CEO of Rivista

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus
The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

Deliverables In Details

Content Strategy, User Research, Design Thinking, SEO and Keyword Research, Strategic Copywriting, Communication Strategy, Community Design, Messaging, Tag Line Design, Brand Voice Map, Marketing Strategy, Engagement Strategy, Product Development Consultation, Space and Podcasts Hosting, Resource Development.

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