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Help Carrier Women Manage Their Dreams!

Empowered By Abi

Content Writing Case Study By Iaculus



Content Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Brand Voice Map, and more.

Abi is Canada based coach for career women of color and busy moms, on a mission to help them get closer to their goals and manage their success!

Our Story

Abi while on a mission to uplift career women and help them achieve their goals, needed help expressing herself and creating content around her impact, which was crucial but also difficult

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Well through amazing old clients Abi found her way to Iaculus and we were happy to help!

To make women get closer to their goals and not shy away from it!

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That Was Our Goal!

We wanted to create jargon free content that helped women of color in various stages in life be able to pivot and make that shift towards getting closer to their goals!

The Solution

We created content that helped them not only realize what they have missed out on but also how its not too late with various tips of different use cases and scenarios to provide implementable content that helped them take action and not hesitate anymore.

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

We very much focused on creating content that would not just speak to them women in terms of impact but also on an emotional level so that it was relatable and the content felt in alignment with their day to day lives, making them take action quickly with a clear CTA!

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The content was exceptionally accepted with little to no hesitation and the personal tips were the most over read and revisited aspects of the blog. The personalization spoke to many women and the honesty made it personal to them.

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Abigail Ofori

Founder at Empowered By Abi

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus
The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

Deliverables In Details

Copywriting, Brand Content Strategy, Content Strategy, Blogging, Social Media Design, Brand Communication, Content Management, Brand Activation, Content Design, Social Media Strategy

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