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Empower Women. Together!

Business Women Expo 2023

Event Strategy Case Study By Iaculus



Brand Strategy, Video Strategy, Event Marketing, Web Strategy, Activation Strategy and More.

With the third year of the Pan India Level Event, The Business Women Expo, Hitex wanted to create an Event where business women of all groups can come together and break to status quote and thrive!

Our Story!

The Business Women Expo is an Expo dedicated to the upliftment of woman entrepreneurs who want to grow together and have an ecosystem to come together at.

Image by Roberta Sorge

If you don't know it yet, Iaculus is all about helping women led businesses grow and we knew what to do right away!

To create a space for women to come together, grow and realize the extensiveness of their potential together!

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That Was The Goal

We wanted to create a community and a space of power where women entrepreneurs can come together, learn from each other, empower themselves and invest in each others growth as businesses!

Our Solution

We shifted the conversation from what women businesses need to be to what they can be, by brining about women leaders in various fields of business and help bring about the change from the bottom up!

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

With our intent to bring about change we needed exhibitors and visitors who saw the event to be of value and wanted to invest in themselves and so we strategized to craft the content that would trigger just that.

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1 million plus in business done in 3 days, 221 exhibitors, and 11k+ visitors all in just 9 months! I think we did great, but why don't you come by yourself for year 4?

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Sandeep Kumar

MD for Business Women Expo

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus
The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

Deliverables In Details

Brand Strategy, User Research, Design Thinking, Web Strategy, Strategic Branding, Communication Strategy, Expo Strategy, Design Strategy, Messaging, Copywriting strategy, Brand Stationary Design Consultation, Marketing Strategy, Go To Market Strategy, Content Strategy.

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