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Why Relocate When You Can ReTarget?

Bombay Vimal Showroom

Positioning Case Study By Iaculus.


Product Led

Brand Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, Competitor Analysis, Brand Messaging, Positioning, Targeting Strategy, and more!

Bombay Vimal Showroom, is a small bed linen store in city of Hyderabad, that wanted to explore opening a new store to see if it can increase walk ins.

The Story

The Bombay Vimal Showroom were struggling to generate walk in sales and were considering relocating to a different location

They were tired of not increasing sales even though they were in a rising location.

Image by Roberta Sorge

Well, running into us saved them a lot of resources and helped them actually relocate what was actually in the wrong place.

Know where is better than no where when it comes to marketing.

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That Was Our Goal.

To figure out proper marketing channels and target audience, and invest in marketing and building brand awareness by allocating resources to it properly.

Enter The Solution

We realize bare efforts were being investing into marketing or to the right users so the aim was to find where these users spent their free time and how to communicate and market to them as to their needs.

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

Our Strategy got right into the various users mindsets Bombay Vimal Showroom wanted to bring into their stores and how would they communicate and convey value to them to help them invest in their well being. The being the newly hired graduates who needed to get that good rest in their hectic life or the new families that were expanding and wanted bed linens that matched their growing needs.

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Once the marketing efforts were kept in place and activated the conversion and awareness of the showroom increased as the marketing channels were placed where the target audience seeked rest and relaxation.

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Arcui helped us realize the aspects of our business we were ignoring and missing out on, he made it ease to realize it and overcome the challenges we were facing.

Rozina Hirani

Partner at Bombay Vimal Showroom

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus
The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

Deliverables In Details

Brand Strategy, User Research, Design Thinking, Brand Positioning, Stand Out Factor, Communication Strategy, Messaging, Tag Line Design, Brand Voice Map, Product Market Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Go To Market Strategy, Targeting Strategy, Content Placement Strategy, User Analysis.

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