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Healthcare Shouldn't Be Scary!

Bio Chem

Concept Design Case Study By Iaculus



Package Design, Concept Art, Brand Design, User Study, Concept Design, Product Design and more.

BioChem is a renowned company in the medical industry when it comes to hygiene and sanitation and they have clinical grade technology to help with their impact.

Our Story

During the rise of the COVID 19 pandemic BioChem was expanding to India and wanted to be able provide their solutions direct to consumers and help them feel safe!

Image by Roberta Sorge

Iaculus was glad to be able to help create concepts for BioChem and make the world a calmer place back then.

To make wellbeing safer, easier to connect too and not scary.

The Swiss Breed Olive Oil.jpg

That Was Our Goal!

We wanted to make the young and panicked feel truly relaxed and safe while also being able to connect with their generation and peers.

Our Solution

Let it stand out, make designs and packaging that they would consider of value and investable, meeting their lifestyle needs but also relaxed their minds and gave them clinical level of protection.

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

We came up with 2 concept for product series that BioChem could start and implement through which they can tap into the market with a new identity backed by leading experts, and truly connect with their audience.

The Swiss Breed Olive Oil.jpg

16 out of 20 participants that were present in the A/B test session were open to retaining the product and using it on a daily basis because of it's design but also that it was properly backed by clear technology and wasn't some jack product to create false security.

The Swiss Breed Green Olives.jpg

Arcui Showed us a new perspective to approach the wellness and medical market of India with a clear strategy.


BioChem Team

The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus
The Swiss Breed Branding By Iaculus

Deliverables In Details

Brand Strategy, User Research, Design Thinking, Stylescaping, Strategic Branding, Communication Strategy, A/B Testing, Logo Design, Brand Identity, Design Systems, Messaging, Concept Design, Tag Line Design, Brand Voice Map, Package Design, Label Design, Product Market Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Go To Market Strategy.

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