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A few years ago, on a trip to Hawai, for their second honeymoon, Rick and his husband, had a wonderful time, exploring differently flavoured of chocolates, the land had to provided and, well it got them hooked, and they wanted to share it with the world, so they put in their efforts to achieve this dream. They were worried if the world would appreciate it, the same way they did. In their journey, they came across Iaculus.

We were more than excited to work with them, and help them achieve this goal!



To understand the firm's personality and expressing it through its identity and chocolate packaging, being able to showcase the tropical/tribal feel of the brand's origin and having the users connect with it.

To understand the brand, and it's ideal users. Creating a clean and simple design, but expressive.


A brand identity that's easy to showcases the brand's personality and connects to its users from the shelf. A package that's simple and clear while having a touch of tribalism. That is interactive and easy for the clients to use. No jargon, a story that's told without words.

So much so that a
fter the launch of the product, the initial sales crossed the client's expectations, the audience response towards the product.

"The chocolates good, the package design just makes it amazing!"

|Project Deliverables

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity

  • Package Design

  • Copywriting


Creating brands that
connect and express
your best self!

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