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- Arcui Usoara, Founder of Iaculus.




If you feel like stating your price, is something that is going to
scare them? or it may be an objection?

Say it out loud. Say it before they do. Confront them on it.

Just say, I am a bit more expensive than the general market, if that may be a concern do let me know, but if you are comfortable with it, that's lovely!

By confrontation, I don't mean lash out, just make them aware of it, say how you feel...

Because it qualifies the lead!


So then if they move ahead with the conversation, they can afford you, or else,
you both have saved yourself a lot of time and you can even refer them to someone else.

If you think they aren't going to follow up with you or go ahead with
it but are still saying we will let you know.

Image by Aryan Singh



Let them know, how you feel.

Simply say, Hey, when people generally say that they will "Let me know" They generally don't have any intention of following up or going ahead with the project, if that's the case please let me know.




They can't run away from a direct question, and however they respond, you will know how to go ahead with it.

"Communication is key

in any relationship,

even in potential ones."

Thanks, hope this was helpful.

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