A brand is your businesses personality, it is what your audiences feel interact with your business and all of its elements. Which consists of more than a few designs,
and a logo. Your brand is more than that. It is beyond that! And that's what we will be learning about.



Creatives Impacted!


Business Development Intern


This isn't a program about marketing, no that's not what the title stands for. Branding, Beyond design, is about strategic branding. Branding strategically and expressing a brand's attributes, beyond design through other aspects; messaging, videography, culture, environment...

You will learn, how to express the amazing brand that
you are in more than one way, and how to express it
to your audience!


You are a creative, you understand the importance of communication and expressing yourself.

You may be aware of branding as a part of your field, or you may be getting into branding as a career or study and want a brilliant edge, in understanding and practice or you might be branding for a while now and want to grow more into the field, understand what else it is
capable of!

You can be a strategist, you can be a newbie creative, but most of all you believe in community and helping each other grow and always learning!


Branding beyond design is a 4-part program, where you will learn and discover not only your businesses personality but also how to express it.

In more than one way and how to use it to communicate and connect with your audience, and impact their lives.

Mending the bridge between their needs and your solution, through branding!

Things we will be covering:

+ Self-Discovery and description.

+ Expressing and connecting.

+ User Profiling, the master guide.

+ User discovery, communication and marketing.

+ Trait selection and Mirroring.

+ Expression through elements.

+ Attribute Conversion.

...and a lot more!


Join the main Program, that goes on for 8-10 weeks, learn things beyond your expectation and conquer
your goals!

For $800!


This is a private coaching program. Get privately coached in branding and multiple concepts of branding to get the edge you deserve. For 4 1-hour, classes a month with worksheets and personalised assignments and more!

At $125/PM


Don't know what works for you?

Let's get on a call to discover how we can help you grow!

We can't wait to connect with you and get to know you better!

Let's Learn and Grow... Together!

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