- Bombay Vimal Showroom.


When people read stuff on the internet, they read everything. And when they see something on the internet, they follow up. The partners at Bombay Vimal Showroom who have been striving to stand out in the market constantly overlooked these factors. The showroom is well known for their vast variety of products in the bed linen and accessories category, especially for their offers and qualities, but their popularity only reached a small region of the city. They failed to embrace the modern market and lacked an online presence enabling them from reaching their full potential and surpassing their competition.


Bombay Vimal Showroom had trouble reaching out to potential customers and conveying their existence, due to a lack of marketing and branding.


The strategy session led to the partners of Bombay Vimal Showroom to understand the firm's purpose, their users and different ways to approach them. We identified where their ideal customer spends the majority of their time and came up with strategies to market theirs. The ultimate goal was achieved by identifying and mending the bridge between the user's and the firm's goals.


Bombay Vimal Showroom was able to generate awareness enabling their customers to approach them without having to relocate or renovate their showroom on a regular basis. They were able to identify, create a brand personality and maintain brand consistency across different platforms, both online and offline. This led to an increase in walk-ins and revenue.



The goal was to identify Bombay Vimal Showroom's personality and brand attributes. The partners also needed to understand the user, their needs and their affinity to the firm. Another goal to be achieved during the strategy session was to find the ideal way to reach the customer, increase brand awareness and market their products and services.


After some discussion, it was found that the firm had done nothing in terms of marketing or spreading brand awareness. They also lacked an understanding of their brand and its purpose.


The solutions that we came up with to achieve the above-mentioned goals started with identifying and embracing Bombay Vimal Showroom's brand culture. This was followed by positioning the brand as an expert while highlighting its purpose. We created user personas and identified where to market, to them. This was accomplished by discovering different social media platforms and how they could be utilized to connect with their ideal users. We came up with user-centric messaging to make the products more relatable to their needs. Finally, we created a brand consistency to be maintained across all platforms and stores.


  • Brand Strategy

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Copywriting

"The experience was
an "Aha" to put simply."
- Rozina. H

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